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I hope your baby can cope up with those allergies.


Caitlin Linkbuilder

I never thought about having a dairy free diet for myself. We were lucky enough that nobody was lactose intolerant in the family. But once in a while I'd like a dairy free meal just because it is healthier.

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As a replacement for nursing mothers who are not able to and as a supplement for the nursing mothers too. Never for replacement if you can nurse.

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You are such a great and loving mom;) i admire you so much even though i know that every mother will do everything just for the sake and happiness of their baby. I am hoping that your baby will be alright, there's no way to regret just keep the good care.

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I am wishing all the health to your baby. I admire you for posting your private life. Don't be afraid, your baby will be ok;)

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