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Ruth Taillon

Great mental picture :) I'm happy you didn't get towed and it probably helped that you were so pregnant.

Sally Dickinson

Love this post and so glad you got there in time to prevent the towing. I've never attempted to parallel park our truck!!See you soon, Mum

Lori A. Moore

Oh how awful! My husband drives a big black truck while I drive a small SUV but we've talked about downsizing to just one vehicle when we get a little older.


Thanks Lori!! Great novel by the way sounds fascinating!

forklift rental

I'm so glad you got there in time to prevent the towing.

James Ferris

digger derrick trucks

At least your truck could jump the curb and park in the restricted only for bottomless vehicles parking area.

Duncan Moredock

I like the part where you were "negotiating pedestrians and small dogs and lamp posts!" But at least you got there and back, and you were physically comfortable during the ride. How are you now? I hope you're now negotiating lanes with a smaller car.

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